Reiki healing is an ancient form of energy healing that involves hands on application of healing energy, by a qualified practitioner. This energy is available from the subtle energy field that is all around us. Specific symbols are used to amplify and direct the energy. Clients experience a variety of sensations during healing including warmth, tingling, light pressure, and general relaxation. Sessions are typically an hour long and can include essential oil therapy, soothing music, and herbal cleansing.


  1. You can get rid of bad juju – When we have negative interactions with others it can damage our aura and subtle bodies. Negative energy is literally a poison arrow to our energy. This damage is usually resolved within a few minutes, but sometimes these arrows can stay lodged in your field causing depression, and feelings of unworthiness. This is especially true in cases of repeated abuse. Reiki can remove the poison arrows and repair the damage they created in your system.
  2. Reiki increases prana to the organs – Just as acupuncture can remove energy blocks and increase the energy flowing through the meridians. Too much or too little energy can cause the organs to be overactive or lazy and this can have negative impacts on your overall health. Reiki healing infuses the meridians with fresh prana (energy), and helps remove blocks so that your organs can get the support they need to function at their best.
  3. Reiki can reduce pain and swelling from injuries – After any injury the body needs all the support it can get to recover. The subtle energy system aids the physical body by providing life force energy to the injury. This energy assists the body in recovery. Reiki can help that system. Patients have noted a reduction in pain and swelling after Reiki treatments.
  4. Reiki Healing can get you chakras moving- I healthy chakra is swirling near the center of your body in a counterclockwise rotation. Through stress, trauma, and everyday life these energy centers can slow down, stop, or even start turning in the wrong direction. During a Reiki healing treatment the healer will cleanse the chakras of any stagnant energy and encourage them to move as they should. You’ll notice this in positive shift in everything from creativity to communication skills.
  5. You will feel Amazing – Clients report a joyful lightness after a Reiki healing session. It’s no wonder as people often have blocked or stagnant energy locked inside the subtle energy field. This stagnant energy can cause negative emotions and even illness. Reiki blasts through that energy and removes it from the body. The skilled healer then replaces the energy with fresh clean and light energy. You’ll leave feeling 10lbs lighter.


This healing technology is unlike any other. There is no risk as the Reiki can do no harm. You’ll be relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment, and you’ll leave ready to take on the world! I would LOVE to take you on a healing Reiki journey. Call to book now 801.814.8610