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Frequently Asked

Is Coaching Right for Me?

The best way to decide if this type of coaching is right for you is to schedule a free consultation. These can be done in person at my healing space in Oceanside CA, or via phone or skype. We will get to know each other, identify your coaching goals, and decide on the best strategies to help you meet your goals.

What if I am not able to meet in person

If you can’t meet in person, we can arrange coaching via Skype or phone. This type of coaching is still just as effective as in-person coaching.

When Will I Notice Results

Each person is dealing with different problems, and has a different personality, because of this coaching results will vary. However, most people will notice a difference after one session. After several session, you will be able to fully integrate what you have learned.

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Meet Me in Person

Gentle Kundalini Yoga

Join me on Monday nights at 6:00 PM at Great Divine Flow Yoga at 410 S Santa Fe Ave Suite 105, Vista, CA 92084. This gentle Kundalini Yoga class combines movement, and meditation to renew your body, mind, and spirit.

Monthly Reiki Healing Circle

Come send and receive a powerful healing on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM at Great Divine Flow Yoga at 410 S Santa Fe Ave Suite 105, Vista, CA 92084. This is an incredible opportunity to experience Reiki.

Restorative Yoga With Mantra and Reiki

Every Friday at noon we embark on a relaxing journey into the power of release using supported postures, Reiki healing, and Mantra. Come to Great Divine Flow at 410 S Santa Fe Ave Suite 105, Vista, CA 92084 for this incredible class.

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